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To revolutionize the digital landscape by delivering innovative, secure, and privacy-centric solutions that empower businesses and safeguard user data. We aspire to be a leader in technology, transforming operations and enhancing user experiences. We envision a world where technological evolution and privacy coexist harmoniously, driving impactful change and creating value for our clients and society.


Procillage envisions a future where we build secure platforms and applications using bleeding-edge technology. We aim to become a leading platform for fast and secure application development, prioritizing consumer privacy and maintaining utmost security for business data. Our mission is to cultivate a network of partners for mutual benefit, working together to deliver exceptional services to consumers.


Procillage is currently developing Pathox, a comprehensive platform tailored for the healthcare industry, specifically designed for pathology businesses. Pathox includes modules like Pathox Reports and Pathox Billing, with ongoing development focusing on Marketing and Employee Management. Simultaneously, we're also creating an education platform to enhance online learning management, providing educators with tools for curriculum management and student engagement.


Transforming healthcare with innovative technology.


Enhancing education with advanced technology solutions.

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